Fountainmania and Spain. A Reflection.

(My dear Americans and Spanish, I don’t mean it. I love you all.)

Time to reflect.

Paella is done, time to go home. (Valencia)

I have learned many things in my time in Madrid. I have learnt that it is perfectly acceptable to have a siesta at 9 o’clock in the evening, because coming home at 6 instead of 3 from a night out puts that into perspective. I have learnt that there are places that will give you free food. That is, if you order it with a beer. No, seriously if I have to have a beer to get a free tapa, I can take that burden. Also have I learned things about different cultures. American’s say aluminum although spelling it aluminium. That seems crazy to me. And they really are in fraternities and yes, their life is like American Pie II. For them, our life is like Eurotrip and all of Europe is only one country which was implied in the many times I heard the sentence: „Oh my god, that is so European!“ Italians do love scooters. Spanish people love scooters too and try to copy the Italians but without saying „ciao“ it doesn’t have the same effect so that doesn’t count. French people like being French and talking with French people about French things in French. It is quite a simple equation and you pretty much can’t go wrong on that one.

The Spanish. Where do I even start. The country where men are men and women are women. You DO NOT wear flip flops to university or at any point in the year before May. You also DO NOT say sorry or look let alone smile at someone if you bump into them. Their look might kill you and you will die a slow and painful death in the Metro and then be buried in one of the tourist cemetaries that have been built purposely for people who are too kind to their fellow human being. Speak Spanish in Spain or be prepared to burn at the tourist stake. Don’t get me wrong, there are good things about Spain (no really, there are some..). Fountains. I fucking love fountains and thank god that before it went bust Madrid spent all of their money on building a ridiculous amount of fountains in the city. They come in all shapes and sizes, with statues, round, oval, around monuments, with clear or dirty water and with kids playing at or homeless people washing in it. It simply is a joy for the fountain-loving traveller. The right to siesta at any given time of the day has made my life seem so much less useless. I thank Spain for making me feel like a chronic napper can still have a respected place in society. It has also made me realise how blessed I am living in a music rich country. If I had to listen to Shakira, Enrique Iglesias and J.Lo for the rest of my life every time I walk into a shop it would probably be a fairly short life.

I have also met some great individuals and many of them have inspired me in different ways. Turns out, not every American is a Republican bastard much in contrast to general European perception. Most of them are pretty cool. They have tought me new words like side walk and backpack and that I have to say ATM if I want someone to come to the cash point with me. Which is fine, I can do that.

As an homage to England – I miss being politically incorrect and openly insulting people as a means to connect to them. This is not accepted here. I don’t even know if I can do sarcasm anymore. I shall do my best, because as you know surviving in England as a German can be like fighting the Third World War – you know, you’re definitely gonna lose but man up and fire back whilst you can.

Spain, I will miss the people I got to meet with you hosting the events and providing me with parks, fountains and night establishments to go to. I will miss my flat at my lovely plaza with my OWN fountain and homeless friends and benches and trees. I will miss my flatmates. I will miss travelling places. I will miss living in the illusion I don’t have to grow up. I will miss talking about Venezuela. I will miss the temple.

Sunrise at Temple De Debod, Madrid.

Cuidate everyone.

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2 Responses to Fountainmania and Spain. A Reflection.

  1. Ash says:

    I loved this :)

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