For the sake of the fully painted walls just behind my eyes


This is my first blog entry in yonks (one of the weirder words I learnt on the island of Britannia).

That does not mean that I didn’t want to write anything, it’s just that, once there is a backlog of the immense random universe that is my mind it basically all goes pearshaped. I could think of a thousand topics to write about but they would all be stuck right behind my eyes and sit there in a corner and draw on little walls.

It was only, when today, I had a conversation of the incredible phenomenon of formulating our own thought that I realised: I need to say it for it to fall into place just by itself and BOOM all will be good, my heart lighter and the walls in the corner of my mind will be slowly but surely painting themselves white again ready for some strange shit to be drawn back onto them.

So I have decided just to write. Just write and not think. Pretty much what I do when useless social network chat window lets me perform craziness in form of language without even thinking about it.

Enough of empty words and walls.

I would like to quickly fill some words with content that needs to be said now.

I had an amazing summer. I got a tan which was great. And I got it at Glastonbury whilst watching Germany beat what appeared to be Tewkesbury F.C. but was dressed in England shirts. That was quality (I have just offended 80% of my readers. Good! Emotion is good, let it out!). Pretty much everything about Glastonbury was simply amazing. I don’t feel that we, that have experienced the greatness of this event need to act like we’ve just been for a weekend at Butlins and only be allowed to secretly love it. I have witnessed this absurd behaviour let me tell you. Fools! I loved every minute of it and will gladly tell everyone about it. I have never come across a bigger, friendlier and opener crowd of people in my life. For 4 days and three sleepless nights I felt that humanity isn’t to be written off but we should all chill and drink a glass of vino in a field. The world would be a better place.

I have also discovered what I will call the  “reoccurring temporary balance of things” (I have made up a new term and am therefore a qualified Media Studies author by the way.). Since coming back to university this year I have met some lovely people that with the amazing folks that I already knew have made Leicester more of a home than I ever thought it could be. They make me think back of my friends at home and THAT’S when it occurred to me: this is no coincidence, this is me being an electron in the world of social connections and what is happening is just natural – magnetism. A reoccurring balance of social magnetism. “Happiness” in essence but made more complicated, like most things in my head.

That is all for now. Thanks for listening…reading I mean.

Good night/evening/morning/afternoon (please delete as appropriate).

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4 Responses to For the sake of the fully painted walls just behind my eyes

  1. Dave says:

    Another very thought provoking and enjoyable blog, home town got a mention too :) it’s been too long between blogs! Don’t let them Walls get painted up again to much before you write again x

  2. mudradio says:

    Attraction occurs in all things.

    Attraction of energy creates mass, creation of mass creates molecules, creation of molecules creates materials, materials create, are and feed life. The same can be said all the way down the chain.
    What is the purpose though? Are you meant to attract constantly as a natural phenomenon, or do we chase it purposefully?
    Perhaps the fact that we find ourselves moving towards people from similar social circles as our previous friends is merely a security barrer put in place by evolution?
    As there is strength in numbers, we need to surround ourselves in allies, the quicker we find these allies the better.
    Those who don’t go for similar social situations take longer to form a group, these groups are then the weakest and will therefore be knocked off the chain of evolution before the others?
    Is it physics, fate, biology, or coincidence… or do we just want a few friends?

  3. Dina, I like your blog :) Can’t wait to meet you!

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