Happy Birthday Max!

Today, I would like to wish Max a very happy 19th birthday! 

A birthday fox

 I have only known him for about 8 months but already I can say he has become a true friend. That is mainly down to his ever so relaxed attitude and fabulous sense of humor. Sometimes it’s so fabulous that I don’t get the joke but I like a good laugh on my expense. 

A new take on "The Scream"

 I cannot wait for Wednesday when the Max-visits-England event plan will begin. It will be a great 8 days with lots of music, climbing, laughter, the three investigators, comedy, falafel, dvd shops, safari park animals and lots of talk about foxes. 

This is what could have been a lovely picture (me, Max, my brother) if I didn't have a bottle right in front of my face. Thanks.

 I am also in the lucky position to not having to go to Down Under alone as it so happens that Max the traveller was planning to discover the countless beaches and poisonous animals at around the same time as me. So we decided to travel together. I am happy about the fact that the likelihood of me being taken hostage and killed has gone down considerably. I would like to thank him for that, too. 

Australia is going to be awesome and we have decided to get a pet koala bear and feed him with eucalyptus sweets. 

I hope you have a great day Mr. 5 and I shall see you in 3 days. 


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One Response to Happy Birthday Max!

  1. I still think that’s a great picture. I hope that you have a blast in OZ!!

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