Rain – my enemy or my friend?

Before I had to go out to do my shopping today I thought: Oh no, the rain! When I actually I stepped outside I thought: Oh no, it’s even worse than expected. Arctic wind blowing in my face and I hate cold.

So I started walking and I just wanted to get to Morrisons as quick as possible so I could wrap up at home and watch a film. So I sprinted down the road like a manic, probably looking completely ridiculous in my thickest coat, scarf and with the hood up I spotted a puddle. You might think: ‘Well it was raining so nothing too exciting, is it hood girl?’

 Suddenly this little collection of dirty Leicester rain water looked quite beautiful to me. I got out the camera and started to take some photos. 

As I was stopping here and there to get a good shot I could hear the rain. There was no one but me and then remembered when I was a child and the countless times my dad had to convince me to go for a walk in the rain. I never wanted to go. I used to just look outside and cringe. After a little discussion that I seemed to lose every time and wrapping into what felt like 10 layers of clothes we then would go out INTO THE RAIN! Ah. Nightmare. But then something weird would happen. My mind would put itself at ease and really….. enjoy the rain! We would stroll along for hours and I would simply be happy. It was nice to think back today feeling absolutely content as I was taking photos of what had transformed into a beautiful scenery just by thinking back.

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3 Responses to Rain – my enemy or my friend?

  1. Sean says:

    I like this blog Dina keep it up! Reminds me of when I used to walk with my Dad who was used to the awful Scottish weather in the Devon rain. Nostalgia has properly hit me with this blog!

  2. Thank you Sean! Great that you like it. Was such an awesome walk in the rain today :). Go nostalgia!

  3. Scheich says:

    Hi Dina,
    this is dad and I am happy to read yout ruly thoughts about our rainy outdoor activities (maily pushed by me, myselve and I ).
    We are saying in Germany ( especially me ) that there is no bad weather only bad clothing…I loved it to be walking outdoor with you and leaving many trouble behind in the living rooms, nature is much better than sitting boring inside. The true life is not in a room in front of a TV and/or PC, it is in the nature to let the nature, animals (birds, chipmunks( Eichhörnchen), rabbits ,aso, have a well influence on your brain, soul and body.
    That terrible walks for you was all the time a real fun for me and you have had many times a lot of one when we walked around, especially in the rain when all others were inside their houses. That is a special feeling to walk around alone and have the nature make your complete body and brain maling feel better.
    I am hoping that you and others, when they rae getting older, staying more outside and in the nature…we humans need the nature and have to feel it sometimes. Without a rst of nature we humans have no chnace to stay on earth. We can`t eat monay, PC`s, TV`s and so on. To keep and save the nature and ourselves I have pushed you to go outside, doesn`t matter which kind of weather it is.
    I hope to talk a wlk with you in the future to went outside at me windy north sea home.
    See U

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