British General Election 2010 – a statement of a non-voter.

Mr. Nick Clegg.

Apparently a man of the future and “change”.

His visit to De Montfort University was quite an experience for me.

A friend and I arrived at the brand new some million pounds expensive Hugh Aston building of our Business and Law friends from over the posh road. A good 200 people had turned up. The atmosphere a little tense. Most of the spectators were pretending nothing of big importance was just about to happen but really there was that little excitement in the air. The one that nobody likes to admit as it’s “just” a politician isn’t it? Then, the yellow fun bus arrives. He gets off and nearly causes a hysteric girl, who acted like we’re back in the 90’s and the Backstreet Boys had just arrived, to faint. Something must have changed. This level of excitement for a politician, this side of the pacific, was new to me.

If we believe what Nick Clegg tells us in countless interviews with people like Dermot O’Leary to cruel Jeremy Paxman then it is going to be a historic election. Even us foreigners can sense that. And he admittedly came across well. At least in the 10 minutes I was stood about a meter away as that was the only time I could properly hear him speak. Mr. Clegg is either a very good actor or it’s his tennis playerish charm. He seems to be an honest man. As far as politicians go anyway.

So, if I had the right to vote in the British General Election 2010, who would I vote for?

That I am not a fan of the BNP (to say it mildly) you can probably imagine. Not much more needs to be said about them at this stage. Just visit their website and look at the picture that comes up when you click “Immigration”. Enough said about serenity. I would never vote conservative. I just wouldn’t, because if their way to creating a stronger society and reducing inequality is supporting privatisation then something has gone seriously wrong in some minds. So in the last British general elections I would have probably voted Labour. I vote the German SPD who are, sort of, the equivalent. A socialist party and I like socialist ideas. But just like their German companions it seems that New Fresh Shiny Labour have lost their shininess a little bit. Gordon Brown looks like he has given up already and apart from that weird mouth thing he does he doesn’t particularly grip people’s attention. So it is between Labour and the LibDems. If I was English I would represent their exact “target audience”. I am a student and of course I worry about my future and I like the idea of not paying tuition fees or at least see an immediate reduction in the first year of a possible yellow government. I do struggle to see how that can actually be achieved, but for now, the idea is a good one. But the point that gets my attention the most is the intention to reform the voting system. In my eyes – a good thing and necessary. Votes shouldn’t simply be lost. Every voter should get the opportunity to vote for the party they support and not just the MP that runs for their region. So, my vote would go to the Liberal Democrats with tennisboy and more importantly pro-EU Nick.

I can’t wait for the 6th and instantly hope that many people go and vote because us, the ones, who are privileged with a right to vote should use it.

I wonder which form of change Britain will decide is best for them. I will sit back, watch and have a cup of tea with milk and one sugar.

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One Response to British General Election 2010 – a statement of a non-voter.

  1. skillwill2010 says:

    It’s really interesting to listen to the international students here talk about politics, but a lot of your thinking is similar to mine so maybe we don’t all see it so differently. Although both of us seem quite pro-EU, and unfortunately we’re in the minority here in England. Although you’re a SOCIALIST! BOO! Haha – the election coverage is on from 9:55pm tomorrow until 5pm the next day … so you might want more than a cup of tea! I hope we get a result earlier rather than later though, I do want SOME sleep.

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